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Sales training key to winning NEW business

At first glance high performing salespeople look nearly identical to average performers.High performing salespeople do not work significantly longer hours,in addition high performance is not associated strongly with years with the company, age, or gender. Therefore, an understanding of what differentiates star performers from the average is vital.

A recent comparative study undertaken by the Sales Executive Council focused on the time allocation of the top performers versus the average, surveying thousands of sales people across a dozen companies. This analysis demonstrated how top performers spend their time differently from the average performers. Firstly, star performers spend more time on the sales preparation activities, stars control their own time, top performers spend more time on need development creating client value and work proactively to build future sales opportunities. How does this compare to how your salespeople win business?

Our unique 6 step sales improvement model ensures that we exceed delegate retention rates post training typically of 13% by introducing a robust re-enforcement model with delegate retention rates exceeding 75%, ensuring that learning has the desired impact upon job performance and delivers tangible ROI.

High Performance Sales Programmes

  • Selling Skills Master Class
  • Telemarketing Training
  • Winning Presentations
  • Sales Negotiation Skills
  • Strategic Account Management
  • Improve Your Listening Skills to Increase Sales
  • Field Coaching

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Free advice on how to access government funds for your sales and managerial training budget...

Onward Consultancy is offering an advisory service to assist companies in accessing government funds for the purchase of sales training and managerial development. The advisory service is available to businesses throughout the North West and is completely free of charge.

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