Free advice on how to access government funds for your sales and managerial training budget...

Onward Consultancy is offering an advisory service to assist companies in accessing government funds for the purchase of sales training and managerial development. The advisory service is available to businesses throughout the North West and is completely free of charge.

Understanding how to obtain government funding and subsidies is often a grey area and can make training budgets stretch further. Many companies are not aware if they qualify for funding or how much can be applied for.

What’s available?

  • Government support of up to £1,000 per individual is available for up to seven employees per organisation in businesses employing between 5-249 people and for six where 250-999 are employed.
  • The first £500 of approved cost is available free and a further £500 of funding is available on a 50% match funded basis for the direct cost of the training or personal development activity.
  • Approved funding can be used to access any support or training identified by an organisations leaders or managers.

How can we help?
Onward Consultancy will help you diagnose your skills needs and those of your management team and identify how you can qualify for government funded training to optimise the performance and competitiveness of your business.

Onward Consultancy offers tailored sales and managerial training solutions to both small and large organisations. We operate in numerous segments of industry including manufacturing and service and offer one on one, or group sales training tailored to customer requirements.

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