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The general consensus out there currently is that companies are needing the support but are restricted by recruitment freezes and limited budgets which is reducing the delivery of support functions such as training and development, experience tells us this will eventually lead to low staff motivation levels, a result of little or no relevant personal development and on the job training, ultimately this will have a negative impact upon your business performance

To help turn your business around and achieve real growth we adopt a robust business case model for our Leadership, Management and Sales Training Courses, that of Analysis, Development, Delivery and Evaluation.

Let’s explain further:

The gap between current performance and what is needed is examined .Each situation is different and only understanding the exact performance improvement required can a development programme be put together such as management training courses or business and personal development training.

Having reviewed with you the performance gap in knowledge ,skills and behaviour we would look to agree with you the most appropriate form of training to deliver the desired business results and ROI, whether this be classroom, performance based instruction,elearning,coaching or a blended learning approach that would be applied to high performance team building.

This stage involves the delivery of on-the-job coaching, classroom training, or other assistance, it will also include ongoing re-enforcement of the training, sometimes in the field with salespeople to ensure that whether a delegate has attended sales negotiation training ,sales presentation skills training or leadership coaching they are able to assimilate and use knowledge and skills effectively in the job.

Training programmes will be consistently evaluated at the following Kirkpatrick levels:

  • Reaction – Satisfaction with program
  • Learning – post training testing
  • Application – behaviour changes
  • Business Impact – Impact on outcomes
  • Return on Investment – agreed deliverables

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Onward Consultancy is offering an advisory service to assist companies in accessing government funds for the purchase of sales training and managerial development. The advisory service is available to businesses throughout the North West and is completely free of charge.

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